Easy Proxy Chrome For VPN Extension

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Easy Proxy Chrome plugin breaks the access barriers to your country or IP address through your web browser. It is very effective and useful software. Like it, it requires access to some content in the internet world.
Some internet users’ government decisions and due to the preferences of the publisher. It removes these barriers. It can access blocked websites. You can use the Easy Proxy plugin with peace of mind.
This is the general purpose of the Easy Proxy plugin. It also offers ideal solutions for users who experience low internet speed in accessing some sites, especially due to IP connection.
In other words, if you are complaining about low internet speed while entering a website. By using the Easy Proxy plugin, you can log in to the same website faster through a faster IP server.
Simple Proxy Extension – Proxy Chrome Extension Free

How to Set Up an Easy Proxy Chrome?

Easy Proxy setup is not as difficult as it seems. It can with the Google Chrome web browser. To install the Easy Proxy plug-in, first of all, you need to search the internet for “Download Easy Proxy plug-in” in your browser.
How to Set Up an Easy Proxy Chrome

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Among the results, Easy Proxy on the official website. Or, click on the “Download add-on” button by clicking the link of the Google add-ons menu. After you give this approval, the download and installation process will within seconds.
After the installation process, you can see the Easy Proxy software icon in the add-ons section of your Google Chrome web browser.

How to Use Easy Proxy?

The Easy Proxy extension is very simple to use, like other Google Chrome extensions. To be able to access banned sites and blocked websites. After downloading and installing the plugin, you need to click on its icon.
And you need to activate Easy Proxy software by selecting a new IP address or country from here. You can access banned sites with higher connection speeds by choosing the closest location according to your country of house.
Using the Easy Proxy extension does not cause any security weaknesses. It is possible to uninstall the Easy Proxy extension at any time with one click.

How to Remove Easy Proxy VPN?

To uninstall the Easy Proxy plug-in, search for the Easy Proxy plug-in icon on your Chrome web browser. It is enough to right-click and say “Remove extension” from the menu that opens.
After this process, the Easy Proxy application will from the Chrome page within seconds. When you want to enter banned and blocked sites again. You can install Easy Proxy again by following the same procedures.


What is the best Easy proxy for Chrome?

The best Easy Proxy Chrome in 2023

  1. Expressvpn
  2. Windscribe
  3. Private Internet Access
  4. CyberGhost
  5. Hotspot Shield
  6. Ez Proxy
  7. FVP – Free VPN Extension

How do I use a proxy in Chrome?

  • First, let’s open our Chrome browser. Then click the Menu tab. From there go to Settings.
  • Let’s scroll down until we find the Advanced tab. We have to click to see more options.
  • Scroll down until you find the proxy icon. When you find the button, it will be enough to activate it.
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