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The Best Free VPN for Mac. Experts recommend using a VPN service, especially for hotel WLAN or third-party access points such as a cafe.

Only companies used VPNs to provide secure access to company data in the past. But more and more private users have been using this technology in Macbooks for a long time.


What is a Free VPN?

Free VPN

There are three completely different issues when it comes to VPN. Protecting companies, pretending to be in the wrong place, and being safe from hackers.

VPN service also protects your data connections from the rest of the internet. It is like a protective layer. There are fundamental problems that VPN services offer solutions.

What is VPNs
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Each internet user is identifiable by their IP address and other browser data. The internet provider can identify the user via the IP address.

The server operator learns where users live, the operating system, and the browser model. Nothing can be leg as the connection to the VPN server encrustation.


Why Use Free VPN Services?

Free VPN Services

The servers of companies with many company data need to protect and. For corporate users, the use of a VPN service is often mandatory.

Standard websites don’t need free VPN services to protect them either. Your recommendation is to get a VPN service. You may find this exaggerated for everyday life.

When you connect to a hotel’s free Wi-Fi while on vacation, the added protection of a VPN can’t do any harm.


How to Install a VPN on Mac? How to make a VPN connection?


Setting up free VPN services on your macOS device is pretty straightforward. Go to the App Store and download the VPN you want. Click Get and confirm your Apple ID. You can install a free VPN free service on Mac by following these steps:

  • Download the app and connect to your preferred country.
  • That’s how easy it is to set up free VPN services on a Mac.

What is the Best Free VPN for Mac?

Although there are many VPNs to choose from, only a few of them are operable on your Mac. We filtered out those that underperformed or didn’t offer essential features. Few VPN services provide speed, security, and extra subscription benefits. These are the best free VPN for Mac:




The NordVPN Mac client is among your VPN’s most important (and frescades used) features. It has an on-off switch and split tunneling. Website:

Split tunneling gives you better control over which apps use the VPN and bypass it. The kill switch shuts down your entire connection to protect you from IP leaks.

We recommend you to read our article for more information. NordVPN Review:

NordVPN Servers and Server Locations
Image source: NordVPN

It also offers a Presets feature, general for macOS apps. With this, you can create presets for the types of servers you want to join.

So you can apace access them from the main application screen. In this way, you can as soon connect to anywhere you want with one click.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works in China
  • Dedicated IP option
  • Kill switch on all clients
  • Multihop, split-tunneling, and Tor connections
  • No router app
  • Linux client has no graphic interface

SurfShark VPN


Surfshark’s macOS implementation to fit the macOS user interface. For this reason, it is one of the best-looking VPN apps. This VPN uses military-grade encryption for protection and has a kill switch.

SurfShark VPN
Image Source: SurfShark

It also has OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2 tunneling protocols. Surfshark unblocks most streaming media websites wherever you are.

You can use it with Torrent clients to hide your downloads. The service has a strict no-logs policy to protect your privacy. Website:

  • Blazing fast speeds (up to 10Gbit servers)
  • Top-notch security and privacy
  • Unlimited bandwidth and devices
  • Unlimited bandwidth and devices
  • High price
  • Confusing long-term subscription pricing
  • Middling speed test results



ExpressVPN offers a solid experience on desktop, including macOS. It is a VPN-free service with all the necessary features for an anonymous and versatile VPN setup.

You get AES-256 encryption with Lightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPSec tunneling protocols. It means you can tailor your VPN to suit your needs.

Do you want your VPN to be as fast as possible? Use the Lightway. Need more robust online security? Switch to OpenVPN. Website:

We recommend you to read our article for more information. Express VPN Review:

Servers and Server Locations
Image source: ExpressVPN

Not all VPNs have a kill switch and split tunneling features, almost impossible for VPN for macOS. But with ExpressVPN, you get both.

ExpressVPN’s utility goes beyond secure browsing. You can unblock most media streaming websites. All its servers are compatible with P2P traffic and saice to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

Not only that, ExpressVPN is excellent for unblocking streaming platforms like Netflix. The built-in MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) functionality works on devices that don’t support VPNs, like Apple TV boxes.

The only downside is that all this comes at a high cost. ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive VPN services. But there are some discounts if you choose the most extended subscription.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Strong privacy and security practices
  • Split tunneling
  • Stylish interface
  • No multi-hop connections
  • Expensive



VyprVPN manageable a Swiss company that places a particular emphasis on respecting the privacy of its users. Like Swiss banks, VyprVPN uses a reliable security setup to ensure no loopholes for snoopers.

When you connect to their servers, your connection encryption with the AES-256-CBC password, moreover, they combine it with various tunneling protocols: WireGuard, IKEv2, Chameleon, and OpenVPN.

Image Source: VyprVPN

Some, like Chameleon, are better at bypassing the best free VPN blocks in restrictive countries. Others like WireGuard or IKEv2 will be perfect for those who want the best VPN speeds.

It is also one of the few VPN services with a better version on macOS than Windows. Split tunneling is only available for Mac users of VyprVPN and lets you use the VPN only with apps that need it.

The best free VPN for Mac Website:

  • Strong commitment to customer privacy
  • Affordable annual subscription
  • Latest VPN technology
  • Snazzy new client
  • Good geographic distribution of VPN servers
  • Poor speed test results, pre-WireGuard
  • Few additional privacy features
  • Expensive monthly option

IPvanish VPN


To manage your online activity’s content manager, your online activity’s content manage your online activity’s content. IPVanish uses 256-bit AES cipher, a used military-grade standard. The connection is via IKEv2, IPSec/L2TP, and OpenVPN.

The app has the most essential, including a kill switch and connecting. Yet, some functions are only unlocked after selecting the appropriate tunneling protocols. For example, encryption and IPv6 protection are only available with OpenVPN.

IPvanish VPN
Image Source: IPvanish VPN

Omit, the service isn’t top-notch and doesn’t have a whole lot of features that will blow your mind. It still offers whatever needs you to need in your VPN package.

But the most significant advantage of this VPN service is the price. The first billing period (1 month or one year) includes vast discounts. It makes IPVanish one of the cheapest best free VPN for mac service providers.

The best free VPN for Mac Website:

  • Highly customizable connection settings
  • The good geographic diversity of servers
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Few additional privacy features
  • Dated interface
  • No publicly released audits

The Best Free VPN for Mac FQA

What is the best free VPN for Mac?

We have explained the VPNs that give you the best performance in macOS tests. The best free VPN for Mac.

Does Mac Have a free VPN?

We have listed the fastest and most secure VPNs for you on MAC computers. We have explained the ones that offer the best protocols for you.

Is there a 100% free VPN?

There is no free VPN as a desktop program. The service they offer you is limited. We have shared above for you the VPN that works for the Google Chrome browser, completely free of charge.

We recommend that you read our previous article.

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Best Free VPN for Mac
Best Free VPN For Mac

The Best Free VPN for Mac. Experts recommend using a VPN service, especially for hotel WLAN or third-party access points such as a cafe.

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Operating System: MAC

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