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ProtonVPN Review. Experts developed ProtonVPN at MIT and CERN. It is also a world-famous project promoting ProtonMail. It is said to be one of the most extensive encrypted email services globally.

Proton VPN was released in 2016. Thanks to its free plan that does not contain malware and user activity logs, it gained a lot of attention: no bulky ads, no bandwidth restrictions.

You may experience connection problems after downloading ProtonVPN. Looking further into the ProtonVPN Sour thread, some people may connect to ProtonVPN, while others may find a problem. Would you please get in touch with ProtonVPN Customer Service?

Proton VPN is one of the alternative VPN options offered after many VPNs are blocked in Turkey. Proton VPN is available with Android, iOS, Linux, and desktop apps.

  • Best free subscription
  • Open-source
  • Flexible, low-cost plans
  • Customizable Quick Connect
  • Numerous advanced privacy tools
  • URL, app, and inverse split tunneling
  • Strong customer privacy stance
  • Tor over VPN for maximum safety
  • Slick, accessible client
  • Bundle with secure email service
  • No public infrastructure audit
  • Some loopholes in the privacy policy
  • Fewer servers locations than most
  • Mac version lacks most features
  • Lacks WireGuard support
  • Lack of guides on how to set it up on a router

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Log in to the ProtonVPN control panel. You will see a world map highlighting the countries where your company’s servers are located. You can scroll down the list of countries to select your server’s country location. Or, if you use the high-speed connection feature, ProtonVPN chooses the fastest server based on your connection.

Then you have the option to use a server that supports the secure kernel feature. The user interface shows that you connect to the service. The interface also displays the download speed and upload speed of the connected server. The interface is clean and very.

So, you can connect and use ProtonVPN even if you are new to VPN. Omit, this VPN service is straightforward to download, install and use.

🏆 ProtonVPN Review 2023


What is ProtonVPN?


ProtonVPN is the latest VPN you want when choosing a VPN provider. You have to be a computer scientist to understand what happens to a very complex system.

What is ProtonVPN
Image source: ProtonVPN

So the best VPN is always simple. ProtonVPN Turkey may not look very easy to use, but this appearance is misleading. ProtonVPN took longer than average but had a heavy control panel. Once you get used to it, it’s an easy-to-use and simple-to-install system.

Choose a plan that works for you.

  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Plus Plan
  • Visionary Plan

Defend your privacy with a security-focused VPN.

  • Switzerland based
  • Secure Core servers
  • No logs
  • Kill switch
  • DNS leak prevention
  • VPN Accelerator
Average download speed148 Mbps
Plus Server Download Speed10 Gbps
German Server138 Mbps
US Server149 Mbps
UK Server152 Mbps
Australian Server151 Mbps
Germany Server11 Mbps
US Server 112 Mbps
UK Server 15 Mbps
Australian Server 80 Mbps
ProtonVPN Review SPECS

How to install ProtonVPN?


How Much Does ProtonVPN Cost?

ProtonVPN Cost

ProtonVPN review cost. ProtonVPN is a free VPN that costs. But it offers a premium version for users who want to protect their online privacy by a mile.

The program has four specified price plans. These are the basic, plus, and visionary plans. Protonvpn offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all projects. Here is a list of Protonvpn’s payment methods: PayPal is a payment solution via Credit Card.

Protonvpn has four options, with an optional annual payment discount. So, the price below is 20% off yearly.

Free Plan

Access blocked content: Like social media, news, Wikipedia, YouTube, and many others, no matter where you are.
23 servers in 3 countries
1 VPN connection
Medium speed
Strict no-logs policy
Access blocked content

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Basic Plan

$4 $5
Access blocked content: Like social media, news, Wikipedia, YouTube, and many others, no matter where you are.

Charging $48 yearly SAVE $12
350+ servers in 40+ countries
2 VPN connections
High speed
Strict no-logs policy
Access blocked content
P2P/BitTorrent support
Adblocker (NetShield)

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Plus Plan

$8 $10
Access blocked content: Like social media, news, Wikipedia, YouTube, and many others, no matter where you are.

Charging $96 yearly SAVE $24
1200+ servers in 55 countries
10 VPN connections
Highest speed (up to 10 Gbps)
Strict no-logs policy
Access blocked content
P2P/BitTorrent support
Adblocker (NetShield)
Streaming service support
Secure Core VPN
Tor over VPN

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Visionary Plan

$288 $360
Access blocked content: Like social media, news, Wikipedia, YouTube, and many others, no matter where you are.

Charging $288 yearly SAVE $72
All Plus plan features
ProtonMail Visionary account

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What VPN Protocols Does ProtonVPN Offer?

ProtonVPN Protocols

ProtonVPN review protocols. The only protocols ProtonVPN offers are OpenVPN protocols. Almost everyone from anywhere uses only OpenVPN. Not everyone has the option to use this protocol option.

Many older devices, such as Chromebooks and more affordable modern devices, do not yet offer OpenVPN support. Instead, you must connect via other (but less desirable) protocols such as L2TP or PPTP.

What VPN Protocols Does ProtonVPN Offer
Image source: ProtonVPN

These other options are almost unsafe. And they are often undesirable to use. As such, it is unlikely that ProtonVPN will work for most of its potential customers.


ProtonVPN Servers and Server Locations?

ProtonVPN Servers

US Servers (East and West)

ProtonVPN reviews US servers. ProtonVPN’s US servers started slow. At the same time, the download speed causes most torrenting activities to slow down a crawl.

  • Ping: 190ms
  • Download: 24.6 Mbps (75% slower)
  • Upload: 36.4 Mbps (31% slower)

EU Servers (Switzerland)

ProtonVPN reviews EU Server. EU servers, but they are pretty fast. It also has to do with the fact that we are closer to these servers. Even something as simple as the physical distance between you and the linked server can affect performance.

  • Ping: 66ms
  • Download: 54.46 Mbps (44% slower)
  • Upload: 37.86 Mbps (29% slower)
ProtonVPN Servers and Server Locations
Image source: ProtonVPN

Asia Servers (Hong Kong)

ProtonVPN reviews Asia servers. Asian servers have much worse speeds than US servers. Asian servers are roughly 85% lower.

  • Ping: 317 ms
  • Download: 16 Mbps (84% slower)
  • Upload: 6,4 Mbps (88% slower)

UK Servers

ProtonVPN reviews UK servers. And finally, an English server has what we would describe as bad-to-medium speed.

  • Ping: 46 ms
  • Download: 52 Mbps (46% slower)
  • Upload: 47 Mbps (11% slower)

Your Privacy with ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Privacy

ProtonVPN review privacy. With ProtonVPN, your privacy is protected. Besides security, ProtonVPN also benefits from strong legal protections. Based in Switzerland, ProtonVPN is covered by some of the strongest privacy laws in the world. It is outside the jurisdiction of the USA and the EU.

It is essential to use a reliable VPN. It cannot force you to spy on users, unlike VPN providers in country 14. That’s why we’re one of the only VPN providers transparent about precisely who is doing what.

Our team has used the world’s largest encrypted email service before. In short, it has a long security history that installs ProtonMail. It fights for the protection of personal information online. It has a long history of contributing to the open-source community.

Founded by MIT and CERN scientists, ProtonVPN believes in transparency and scrutiny. Since the application is open-source, anyone can see the code. This transparency means you can trust the app to do what it’s supposed to do.

Your Privacy with ProtonVPN
Image source: ProtonVPN

You can see the code of any app on their site. Open source code means anyone can check it. Yet, there is no guarantee that it will control in general. ProtonVPN offers professional audits of all full version software from SEC Consult.

Critical infrastructure located in fallout shelters 1,000 meters below the Swiss surface. They worked hard to protect ProtonVPN’s SecureCore servers. Unlike VPN companies, the full results of these audits post online for all to see.

Likewise, Icelandic infrastructure house a secure former military base. Servers in Sweden are also located in underground data centers. Your servers are safe at the hardware level by sending your equipment to this location.


How Secure Is ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN Secure

ProtonVPN review security, your internet connection encrypt when you use ProtonVPN to view the web. ProtonVPN’s advanced security features route your connection through an encrypted tunnel. It prevents attackers from eavesdropping on your link.

You can also access websites that may block your country. ProtonVPN’s secure core architecture provides a unique ability to defend against network-based attacks. Fast Core protects across many servers before they leave the network.

It can watch the network traffic of the output server. ProtonVPN cannot get the actual IP addresses of its users. It means that it cannot match browsing activities to these IPs. Strong privacy laws protect secure Core servers. It deploys in hardened data centers in Iceland and Sweden and runs on its private networks.

How Secure Is ProtonVPN
Image source: ProtonVPN

NetShield protects you from malware. Website trackers cannot track you as you browse their websites. It has a DNS filtering feature that blocks ads. We use the strongest encryption to protect your internet connection.

All network traffic uses SHA384, which opens in AES256 encrypted key exchange 4096-bit RSA. It means that HMAC uses for message authentication. It only uses VPN protocols, IKEv2/IPSec, and OpenVPN. I know it’s safe.

Although ProtonVPN does not have servers that support PPTP and L2TP/IPsec, it has lower operating costs. You can use ProtonVPN to ensure your VPN tunnel is protected with the most reliable protocols.

Almost nothing identifiable. While there is no data store, all ProtonVPN servers protect with full disk encryption. It helps protect them from resource-hungry attacks that concrete governments can carry out.

Protects the server certificate. Full disk encryption is done. It covers all other configurations and software stored on the server. So if the server is damaged somehow, the attacker cannot access the data stored on the server.


How Good Is ProtonVPN?


ProtonVPN review. Despite ProtonVPN’s pretty decent huge server directory, new users should be aware of the restrictions. Users who do not buy the Plus package will not access all servers. You can only access servers in the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands with a free account.

These servers have the word “free” at the end of their names. Basic level subscribers have access to servers in all countries. You can still access Secure Core, Tor, or an authorization server. I was happy to have the SecureCore server option on some plans. Secure Core provides extra protection by routing connections through many servers.

This Core protects your egress server’s trackers from looking for your actual IP address. Secure Core servers are located in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden, which offer the most robust privacy laws. One of our favorite things about ProtonVPN is that you can choose which server to connect to.

How Good Is ProtonVPN
Image source: ProtonVPN

Select Open ProtonVPN instead of fast connection and launch it. This link will take you to a list of all available servers. You can select the country and the city (or city or state if you choose a server in the United States) for the best connection.

If you are only interested in speed, you can connect to the server as soon as possible. Select the server by selecting the down arrow for the connection status. The icon to the left of the server name indicates the load factor of the server and allows you to choose a rarely used server.

Unlimited bandwidth and DNS transfers include preventing DNS attacks on all servers. ProtonVPN servers use known security protocols such as OpenVPN. It does not use PPTP or L2TP/IPSec. Omit, we knew ProtonVPN was easy to use. By signing up for an account, you can download the appropriate software for your operating system.

Image source: ProtonVPN

This service is available on many devices, depending on your subscription. There are Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android clients. It is easy to set up and takes only a few minutes. After the installation is complete, you can select the connection country or the fast connection feature.

If you have a server you want to connect to, you can profile the location and server information. The profile appears in the quick click drop-down list. Some customization is possible and setting up different shapes as needed. It usually takes a few seconds to connect to the server, but choosing a complete server may take some time.

ProtonVPN review Hulu. ProtonVPN can’t get past China’s great firewall. Yet, as the user limit, this is ideal for someone with little technical ability. Many people enjoy internet streaming like Netflix and Hulu. ProtonVPN also allows Pro and Visionary users to connect to US Plus servers and watch shows on Hulu.

The selection of Netflix servers is a little more limited but easy to find. It can only watch all programs and movies available in the United States. Netflix users need to connect to some servers that must have a Plus or Visionary account. We can test this and watch Netflix without a VPN with a slower load time.


What is ProtonVPN’s Logging Policy?

ProtonVPN Policy

ProtonVPN review logging policy Swiss law does not need users to log in to the connection log. Can’t enforce target-specific logging for specific users. This way, it keeps your personal browsing history. Since it is a unique situation and under no circumstances will it be given to third parties.

The no-logs policy applies to all users, including those using a free VPN. ProtonVPN protects not only your browsing traffic but also your DNS queries. It ensures that leaks in DNS queries do not reveal your browsing activity. It routes DNS queries over encrypted tunnels. It assures third-party DNS providers.


Speed and Performance

ProtonVPN Speed

We know it’s essential for security technology to be easy to use—protonVPN review speed. We only use high-speed servers for speed and best performance. The smallest bandwidth for all ProtonVPN servers is 1 Gbps, and most servers also use 10 Gbps connections. So, while using only the most robust encryption, ProtonVPN also offers incredible speeds.

It’s designed to have a simple and intuitive user interface for one-click private and anonymous browsing. It also protects your device every time you connect to the Internet. You can also create custom connection profiles with ProtonVPN.


ProtonVPN, Will Netflix Work?


ProtonVPN review Netflix. ProtonVPN says that it will run Netflix on a specific server. Many VPNs only expand on this bold claim, and few can back it up. Also, VPNs that unblock Netflix may not sustain this success for long.

All Netflix content is domain-specific. Netflix continues to block VPNs and tries to block access to geo-locked content. Netflix has ongoing deals with content providers to bring various shows and movies to different parts of the world.

While in the US, your Netflix list will look very different from someone trying to watch it in the Netherlands. Netflix is ​​stopping the unnecessary streaming of restricted content. It has maximized the robust VPN detection and blocking system on the Internet. It swept the VPN world like a tsunami and toppled several platforms in the world’s largest streaming service.

ProtonVPN is booming and will appear under Pros. But, despite this cleanup, ProtonVPN is not a good VPN for Netflix. Several VPNs successfully block Netflix’s attempts to get away from them. Yet, keep in mind that your options here may be somewhat limited in practice.


Does ProtonVPN Support Torrents?


ProtonVPN review torrent. ProtonVPN does not allow torrents to use. It’s not allowed on a free plan. For this reason, P2P will increase the load on our servers due to torrenting. It will enable us to print to our servers and sign up for free accounts from the talent payment account.

It allows paid servers but is only possible on specific servers. It is because they channel P2P traffic through a neutral safe country. But, they also spend this time developing Swiss law.

Only individuals may release files for non-commercial use, allowing them to use them. Yet, some restrictions may make this practical for you.


ProtonVPN for Windows?


ProtonVPN review Windows. For the ProtonVPN app for Windows, you can open it after installation and login with your username and password ProtonVPN. If you are a Protonmail user, sign in with your username and password. You can access the free ProtonVPN package.

Click the Quick Connect button to generate the fastest VPN server for your location. You can also connect to a specific server in your package. Now you can go to safety and security on the Internet.

Data travels between your device and the encrypted VPN server. Your internet service provider cannot track your activity. Showing websites The IP addresses of the VPN server are visible. Core security protects them from leaving your network and from advanced network-based attacks.

ProtonVPN Download

ProtonVPN Download Windows link:

Protects your connection by routing your network to many servers. It works on Proton’s proprietary proton networks. Security core servers are set up in solid data centers in Iceland and Sweden, protected by substantial privacy rights.

The VPN kill key keeps your IP address if an error occurs on your VPN connection. If your VPN connection fails, the kill switch prevents your device from connecting to the Internet until it connects to the VPN server.

Netshield can avoid trackers and ads online for plus and visionary users. It protects them from malware. Netshield speeds up your connection by filtering scripts and other sources from malware.


ProtonVPN for Android?


ProtonVPN for Android; after installing the app, open it and log in with your ProtonVPN username and password. For ProtonMail users, let’s log in with your ProtonMail username and password. You can access your ProtonVPN free plan.

Now you can browse the Internet and. Press the [Quick Connection] button to connect to the fastest VPN server in your location. You can connect to specific servers included in your plan. Data traveling between your device and the VPN server is encrypted. Your internet service provider cannot watch your activity.

ProtonVPN for Android download link:

The IP address of the VPN server used for the website is displayed. Secure Core routes traffic through many servers before it leaves the network. Protects users against advanced network-based attacks. Secure Core servers are hardened in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden. It is protected by strong privacy laws distributed in data centers.

It runs on the Proton private network. A VPN kill switch keeps your IP address safe if your VPN connection fails. A VPN connection may fail. The kill switch prevents your device from connecting to the Internet until you reconnect to the VPN server.

NetShield protects your connection speed and malware. Filters images, scripts, and other resources from known malware-hosting domains. Available to Plus and Visionary users, NetShield can block online tracking and ads.


ProtonVPN for iPhone, iPad, and Mac?


The ProtonVPN app for iPhone is also easy to use on your iPad. It is open-source and offers many valuable features to keep you safe and private while surfing the web. After the application is installed, open the application.

If you are a ProtonMail user, you can log in with your ProtonMail username and password to access the ProtonVPN Free Plan. Tap the Quick Connect button to connect to the fastest VPN server in that location.

ProtonVPN for iPhone and iPad download link:
ProtonVPN for MacOs download link:

You can also connect to specific servers included in the plan. Now you can surf the Internet and. Data traveling between your device and the VPN server is encrypted. Your internet service provider cannot watch your activity. The website shows the IP address of your VPN server.

Secure Core secures connections before they leave our network. Routes traffic through many servers to protect against advanced network-based attacks. Secure Core servers protect personal solid information protection laws.


ProtonVPN for Browser Extensions

Browser Extension

ProtonVPN review extension. ProtonVPN does not have any browser add-ons for the Google Chrome browser. There is no browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser.


Is ProtonVPN Customer Service Good?

ProtonVPN Customer

If you have a problem with ProtonVPN customer service, there is no way to speak to the people at ProtonVPN. There are many reasons why you might need account support. The only support ProtonVPN offers is the form of the information center or email form.

One has to wait for a response. But you can get quick answers to your mail questions. Our support representatives will respond, take great care, and answer your questions within 24 hours. The Knowledge Center is comprehensive, from basic account information to install the software.

You will be 100% satisfied with ProtonVPN customer service.

In general, it’s frustrating not to talk to someone right away. If you have a big problem, latency can be even more problematic. Detailed answers to our questions can make up for the lack of live chat and phone service capabilities.


What Are ProtonVPN Alternatives?


ProtonVPN alternative. ProtonVPN alternatives are as follows:

  1. NordVPN []
  2. CyberGhost
  3. IPVanish
  4. SurfShark
  5. VyprVPN
  6. BulletVPN

ProtonVPN vs NordVPN Comparison

ProtonVPN vs. NortonVPNCompare

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Average Speed
125 Mbps
115 Mbps

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Encryption Type
AES-256 encryption
AES-256 encryption

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Kill Switch

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Allows Torrenting

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Records Identifying Logs

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Unblocks Netflix US

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Lowest monthly cost
$4 – $10 per month
$3.30 – $11,95 per month

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Money-back guarantee
30 days
30 days

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9.6Expert Score

ProtonVPN review users give the average rating chart.

Money-back guarantee

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What is ProtonVPN Secure Core?


The ProtoVPN security core is one of the features that ProtonVPN sells. It is always highlighted in ProtonVPN reviews. Besides the public server, it is located on servers in Iceland and Switzerland. Some criteria can consider as a small number of countries and servers. But none of these countries have non-standard exotics. We also provide so-called secure core servers that take personal information into account.

Is ProtonVPN Good for Gaming?


ProtonVPN Omit gaming compatibility, this VPN is a colorful mix. There are apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices. VPN does not have apps for smart TV, routers, and game consoles, so you have to set up the VPN on these devices. But ProtonVPN works with Mozilla to promote safe browsing. Besides, its iOS is heading towards a beta version currently tested.

What’s the Difference Between Free and Basic ProtonVPN Plans?


The significant difference between the Free and Basic plans is that the Basic plan is an upgrade to the free plan. The free plan comes with a specific server location. You can access all countries on the ProtonVPN Basic plan.

We recommend that you read our previous article.

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ProtonVPN Review
ProtonVPN Review 2021

ProtonVPN Review 2021 cool VPN. Experts developed ProtonVPN at MIT and CERN. It is also a world-famous project promoting ProtonMail.

Price: $4

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Adroid, iPhone, iOS

Application Category: Computer, Mobile

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