Hola VPN Review | Is It Among The Super VPNs?

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Hola VPN review. Hola VPN is a very used VPN software. It provides its connection via a P2P network. So, there are some criminal records such as privacy violations and misuse of user data.

Since it has a bad reputation in the free version, it is beneficial to take advantage of the Plus service. Due to its moderate cost, it is not a VPN that users prefer very much.

Because there are VPNs in the VPN market that sell quality products much cheaper, for this reason, Hola VPN is not a used but preferred VPN software. Besides, Hola VPN has many good as well as wrong sides. Due to these good aspects, it is a VPN software that users use.

It users because it provides the opportunity to hide IP and browse the Internet. Too, it needs to in many features such as infrastructure, security, and speed. If you do not consider all these features when choosing a VPN, it becomes tough to find the right VPN.

If you want to review Hola VPN, it allows you to use a 30-day trial version. So, before you start using it, you can download it yourself and control the use of a VPN. If you use the service, you can create a payment plan yourself and continue using the Premium version.

Hola Free VPN – Positive
  • Reasonably easy to set up and use
  • Unblocks some websites (many are for paid users only)
Hola Free VPN – Negatives
  • The free version doesn’t use encryption
  • Sells free user bandwidth to premium users
  • Unblocks some websites (many are for paid users only)
  • A history of controversy
  • It doesn’t work with Netflix or torrenting

Having lost a lot of users lately, Halo VPN is a bit lacking in privacy and security. It has lost trust because it records too much information about its users. It is very effective when used in public areas. He lost a lot of users in the past after the events of selling user information to his sister company, Luminati.

Per head, the only reason why it’s still a preferred VPN is that it doesn’t get caught in Netflix blocking. Digital platforms such as Netflix have prevented access to the site by using VPNs to protect copyright agreements. Halo VPN is not a complete VPN software. So, it can easies access Netflix and its digital derivative platforms.

🏆 Hola VPN Review


What is Hola VPN?


Hola VPN changes your IP address. It is a type of software that allows you to impersonate a secret identity on the Internet. It has servers in many different countries. It is possible to connect from the server in the country you want and to hide your internet identity easies.

It is necessary to use VPN, especially in public areas. The reason for this is that the Internet is accessible to everyone. In this way, your internet use becomes much safer.

All cyber-attacks take place over an internet connection. Even novices of cyber enemies can connect with the same internet connection. So, it reaches your device easies. You can easies access a lot of different information that belongs to you.

What is Hola VPN
Image source: Hola

You can prevent these cyber attacks. You can protect yourself against these cyber attacks by using many VPNs, such as Hola VPN. It would help if you used a VPN when connecting to the Internet in public areas like hotels, cafes, and airports. It allows you to perform a much safer internet use.

Too, a site you want to access on the Internet may close a court decision in your country. It allows you to access the site. Your identity was not due to the change of your IP address. It will prevent any penal sanctions against you. It enables you to access these sites easies.

Data CapUnlimited
Logging PolicyIntrusive Logging
Data LeaksYes
ServersNot disclosed
IP AddressesNot disclosed
US NetflixYes
Works in ChinaNo
SupportOnline Resources & Email Support
Official WebsiteHola.org
Hola VPN Specs Data

How Much Does Hola VPN Cost?


Hola VPN, which allows you to use it for free, is not a very reliable option. It is possible to use Hoa VPN free of charge and use it as a Premium. Yet, if you switch to Premium, you can use it much more safely than free.

3 Year

$2,99 $14,99
You’re 100% backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited time 24/7
  • Fast connections
  • High privacy
  • Use on ten devices at
  • The same time
  • Fast response customer support
  • Auto active on favorite sites

1 Year

$7,69 $14,99
You’re 100% backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited time 24/7
  • Fast connections
  • High privacy
  • Use on ten devices at
  • The same time
  • Fast response customer support
  • Auto active on favorite sites


You’re 100% backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited time 24/7
  • Fast connections
  • High privacy
  • Use on ten devices at
  • The same time
  • Fast response customer support
  • Auto active on favorite sites

Choosing any of the above payment plans makes it possible to access the Internet much more secure. This way, you can access it even from your smart devices.

It allows you to protect yourself against cyber enemies in public places. At the same time, it provides you with ease of payment as there are different payment options.

Payment options can list as follows:

  • Payment by bank or credit card
  • Payment using PayPal
  • Payment via Google Play
  • Pay with Skrill
  • Local payment options for some countries.

What VPN Protocols Does Hola VPN Offer?


Hola VPN’s most used protocols are Open VPN, IPSec, and IKEv2. Thanks to these protocols, it is possible to use VPN secure. It has an AES-256 encryption system. This encryption system is only valid in the Premium version. Thus, it is possible to use the Internet with a single click securely.

So, it is not possible to protect people using the free version with any encryption system. Thanks to its customized settings, you can also use any VPN protocol you want.

What VPN Protocols Does Hola VPN Offer
Image source: Hola

Since it uses the IKEv2 protocol, it cannot work in harmony with some low-end macOS. It’s because macOS 10.11 and above do not have the IKEv2 encryption system. This problem only occurs in macOS versions.

There are no problems with all other available operating systems. It is possible to provide internet access with a hidden internet connection.


Hola VPN Servers and Server Locations?

Server Locations

Hola VPN is not a VPN software with a fixed server. Instead, it is a type of VPN with a P2P, peer-to-peer network structure. Thanks to this feature, it has many servers. In other words, users in all countries worldwide use them as servers. Thus, it is possible to access their IP addresses. During this process, your device’s resources that you use other users.

You can use the resources of another device. Someone else is using your device’s resources. If you do not want to use your device’s help, switch to the Premium account. In this way, you can close your source codes to other users. Only users who use the free version can access their IP addresses.

Hola VPN Servers and Server Locations
Image source: Hola

So, the P2P system people who use the free version. Thus, you can easies connect to almost any country in the world. It is possible to hide your IP address. Therefore, it is possible to easies access a site that a court order in your country has banned. It brings you a much more comfortable internet use. It also allows you to browse the internet securement.

Also, if you connect to a network IP address near your home country, your internet speed will not drop much. But you can connect to an IP address located in a land far from your country. It will reverse the situation, causing you to have a prolonged connection. It forces you to surf the Internet with prolonged Internet, thus waiting long while loading a page.


Your Privacy with Hola VPN?


To better understand the privacy of Hola VPN, it is helpful to review Hola VPN’s privacy policy. Hola VPN can access the recorded data, the type of browser, your websites, and the websites visited.

Go to Hola’s settings option. No registration option off, whether it’s a free or premium version. It is not possible to turn it on. So, it cannot be that you are very private when using Hola VPN.

Your Privacy with Hola VPN
Image source: Hola

As it can, Hola VPN is a VPN software that records all online activities. You give all the essential information about this account as it records up to the payment information. It can that it brings you a hazardous use. So consider a security and privacy breach that Hola has in the past.

Also, if you want to use VPN to torrent or access adult content sites, doing this with this VPN software may involve some risk because it records all your data up to your IP address. Because of this, it becomes pretty simple to find your location from your IP address in case you. For this reason, it cannot be that it provides your security and privacy.


How Secure Is Hola VPN?


Contrary to popular belief, Hola VPN is an unsafe VPN software. Working with P2P logic, Hola VPN allows you to log in via the IP address of another user. Hola does not have any servers.

In this case, the most crucial detail to know is that if this VPN is for free, you share the IP address of your device with others. For this reason, if the person uses your IP address for any illegal work, the bill may explode to you.

How Secure Is Hola VPN
Image source: Hola

It also sold the bandwidth of Hola users to its sister company, Luminati. DDoS attacks on specific targets from these sold bandwidths. Even if you are not guilty of any crime, this situation can put you in trouble.

Although Hola does not take any extra security measures after this incident, it still records user information. It is another factor that reduces the reliability of Hola VPN. For this reason, while it was a preferred VPN in the past, it has recently lost many users. It becomes a situation that causes the security of Hola VPN software.


How Good Is Hola VPN?

Hola VPN

It is possible to find many different opinions about whether Hola VPN is good or not. The shortcomings of privacy and security are among the destructive features of VPN.

The free version can take advantage of your device’s resources. It can be that people who use the free version are much less secure. For this reason, people want to use Hola VPN to sell Premium packages.

If you use the free version, other Hola users connect to tInternetnet from your device’s IP address. Even if there is a confidential situation, it may harm you if they carry out illegal transactions over the internet net.

At this point, the accessible version of Hola VPN is terrible, but the Premium version is good. In this way, you can use it much more safely than the free version. Yet, if you have the Premium version, your resources will not be in any format.

Since Hola VPN works on a P2P system, it does not have a specific server. It allows you to access some different devices, which will vary. Thus, you can connect to the country you want and accesInternetternet through another person’s resources.


What is Hola VPN Logging Policy?

Logging Policy

Like every VPN software, Hola VPN has a logging policy. This logging policy causes Hola to gain access to some of your information. Gaining access to this information can become somewhat risky.

It allows much more information to be under record compared to other VPN software. Even if this is a tiny possibility, it may cause you to face some security problems. The data recorded by Hola VPN can list as follows:

  1. The type of browser used,
  2. Visited websites,
  3. The time spent on the websites visited,
  4. The date and time of access to these sites.

The data above is the data recorded by almost every VPN. Too to these, other data recorded by Hola VPN are as follows:

  • IP address,
  • Name,
  • E-mail account,
  • Screen name,
  • Personal information such as payment and billing information.

Hola VPN Speed and Performance?


Hola VPN is not a very good VPN speed test and performance. You can get an average rate from servers close to the country you are using. If you connect from servers located in remote areas, this speed drops.

So, it is ideal if you want to watch a Full HD video and have regular internet surfing. It is pretty tricky to manage a high-quality video such as 4K quality.

It that you access the Internet through this server. It is more efficient to choose a server close to your home country. Too, using Hola VPN makes it possible to play some games.

We tested Hola Free VPN on a 100 Mbps connection. No VPN speed test.

Hola VPN Speed Test
Image source: Speedtest

US connection speed test;

Hola VPN Speed Test US
Image source: Speedtest

Hola VPN, Will Netflix Work?


Since Hola VPN works with a P2P system, it runs digital platforms like Netflix. Most VPN software offers a copyright protection policy for digital media. Because of this, you will encounter the problem of not running. Hola provides an opportunity to watch TV series or movies from all digital platforms.

Below are some servers that have bypassed Netflix’s library barrier. Hola VPN fast servers are as follows.

  • The United States of America,
  • England
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Japan
  • Australia

Hola VPN is not Netflix. It provides access to many digital platforms like Netflix. These digital platforms can list as follows:

  • Amazon Prime,
  • Hulu,
  • Disney+,
  • HBO Max vs. NOW,
  • BBCiPlayer.

Does Hola VPN Support Torrent


Hola VPN is a VPN software that does not support torrenting. For this reason, it is not possible to upload or download by connecting to a torrent in any form. Because the security measures are so low, it becomes elementary to access your computer. At this point, it is a good thing that Hola VPN does not support torrents.

It does not have an encryption feature. If you download or install Hola VPN torrents, your computer may work with a virus. Or it can cause damage due to many situations such as being cyber-attacked. It may lead you not to take any security measures and cause your information to others. So, Hola VPN does not support torrents can be a good feature.


Hola VPN for Windows


There is a version of Hola VPN for computers using the Windows operating system. It is possible to download this version to your computer and use Hola VPN more easily. You can open up to 10 devices at the same time. So, you can connect from another IP address during your internet use.

The most important thing to know is that you should not use Hola VPN for free. Hola VPN, which is in use for free, can connect to all IP addresses. It causes someone else to connect to your IP address. In this way, your internet use is out in a somewhat confidential manner.

Hola VPN for Windows
Image source: Hola

They make it possible for the person providing the link to harm you in case of an illegal transaction. So, purchasing and using the Premium package is vital for your security. It prevents the use of your resources by others. With the encryption system, you can use it more self-assured.


Hola VPN for Android


Thanks to Hola VPN, it is possible to hide your IP in public areas with Android devices. It allows you to perform a much safer internet use. Thus, you can make a secure connection in public places.

It is out of the question for you to cyber enemies on the Internet. It allows you to browse the Internet more. It causes the critical files or passwords in your Android device to be inaccessible.

In this way, it protects you from cyber enemies in the public area. Besides, Hola VPN also allows you to access websites that court orders. It is possible to access these sites via your Android device. Since your IP address is not your IP address, it will not be possible for you too. Thus, it makes it possible to access all the banned sites that you cannot reach.


Hola VPN for iPhone


There is Hola VPN software for iPhone brand devices. If you have an iPhone, you can easies download Hola VPN to your device. After completing the download, you can enter your Premium account username and password. Then you can easies change your IP address.


Hola VPN for Browser Extensions


Hola VPN free software only has an extension for the Opera browser. You can add it as an extension to this browser with a simple download. You can use it in a much simpler way. It comes as a small icon in the upper right corner of the removed browsers, where the extensions. After clicking on this icon, a button will appear to activate it. With the press of the button, you can connect and start using VPN review hola.

There is no Hola VPN Chrome extension.

Hola VPN Opera Extension Download: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/hola-better-internet/

Hola VPN to Opera
Image source: Opera

Is Hola VPN Customer Service Good?

Customer Service

Hola VPN free software has no known live customer service system. Too to providing support to their users via email, they also have an “Asked Questions” system. In the asked questions system, it is possible to find answers to many of your questions.

Asked questions may not be enough to solve the problem you are experiencing. It is possible to reach the customer support team via email. It will help you a little bit to solve the problem you are experiencing.

You will be 100% satisfied with Hola VPN customer service.

Review Use Hola VPN

Since the mother tongue is English, you must conduct the interviews in English. If you share your problem with the support team via email, the support team responds within a short time.

For this reason, you can solve the problem you are experiencing as possible. You can fix the problem without interrupting VPN use for a long time.


Hola VPN Alternatives?


Having the best P2P network, Hola has lost many users today. After Hola VPN became a part of the DDoS attack, many Hola users started looking for alternative new VPN software. For this, there are many alternative VPNs instead of Hola VPNs. This alternative VPN software can list as follows:

Hola VPN and NordVPN Compare

Hola VPN vs. NordVPNCompare
Hola VPN
Average Speed
95 Mbps
115 Mbps
Encryption Type
256-bit AES
256-bit AES
Kill Switch
Allows Torrenting
Records Identifying Logs
Unblocks Netflix US
Unblocks Hulu
Unblocks Hulu
Lowest monthly cost
$2.99 per Month
$3.30 per Month
Money-back guarantee
9.1Expert Score
Hola Free VPN Review

Hola Free VPN review users give the average rating chart.

Money-back guarantee

Hola VPN Review FAQ


Is Hola VPN Safe to Use?

Using Hola VPN is not very safe. One of the main reasons for this is that he uses the P2P system and has been in a DDoS attack. It allegedly sold its users’ information to its sister company, Luminati. So, it has lost the trust of many users, and it can be that it is not safe to use.

Why Is Hola VPN Bad?

One of the main reasons Hola VPN is wrong is because of too much information. Even in its premium version, it records your personal information, making Hola VPN a harmful VPN software. He also violated privacy and security due to a trust problem he had in the past.

Is Hola VPN a Virus?

Halo VPN is not a virus. It is a VPN software that prevents another user from infecting the device by accessing the device you are using during use. So, it allows you to enter the Internet confidentially. So, it will enable you to enter the Internet confidentially. For this reason, it will enable you to make your internet usage much more confidential in public areas.

Is Hola VPN Still Free?

Besides having a paid version of Halo VPN, there is still a free version. Yet, if you use this free version, you should remember that you allow Halo VPN to use the resources of the device you are connecting. It, in turn, can use the IP address of another user’s device. It is possible to surf the Internet, and in case of any crime, this crime can be on you. It makes Halo VPN a hazardous VPN software.

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Hola VPN Review 2021
Hola VPN Review

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