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What is BTroblox Extension?

BTRoblox extension is useful for improving the Roblox site. With this plugin, you can make any changes to the site. There are different features that the extension offers us. BTroblox making Roblox better.



Let’s talk about BTRoblox version v2.18.2 new features;

General Making Roblox better BTroblox

  • Show Ads
  • Show Chat
  • Fast User Search
  • Minimize Chat
  • Show Robox to cash
  • Changing the background and themes.

Navigation Better BTroblox Making Roblox

  • Keep Sidebar Open
  • Show Premium
  • Show Blog Feed
  • Switch Trade for Money
  • Move Friend to Header
  • Messages to Header
  • Move Home to Header

Profile Page

  • Embed Inventory
  • Show Last Online


  • Group Shout Notifications

Game Details

  • Highlight Owned Badges
  • Add Server List Pager

Item Details BTroblox Making Roblox Better

  • Item Previewer
  • Show Explorer Button
  • Download Button
  • Content Button
  • Show Owners Button


  • Inventory Tools
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How to Install BTroblox Extension?

We can install the BTroblox extension via Chrome and Firefox. Since I usually use the Google Chrome browser, I will show you. Now I list the step-by-step setup below;

  • First, let’s go to the Google Chrome web store Roblox+ Extension. (Web Store)
  • We will see a web page like the one below. Let’s search for BTroblox from the place I marked in red.
How to Install BTroblox Extension

How to Install BTroblox Extension

  • When you search from the Search section, the screen will appear as below. From there, you have to press the part I marked as two—Roblox better BTroblox making.
Better BTroblox Making Roblox

Better BTroblox Making Roblox

Enhance Your Roblox Experience

Enhance Your Roblox Experience

  • Just press the Add to Chrome button that I marked in the picture above. It will be installed itself.
  • You can access all the installed extensions by typing [chrome://extensions/] into your internet bar.

I told you to step by step how to install BTroblox in Google Chrome. Now it’s time to talk about how to use BTroblox and what it does.

How to Use BTroblox and What Does It Do?

The BTroblox plugin is only used on the site. The plugin is not used anywhere other than the Roblox site. The plugin aims to add and remove some features from our profile page on the Roblox site. Making Roblox better BTroblox.

What is Roblox?

Roblox can regard as a very clever, thought blank 3-D painting canvas. The players complete this picture themselves. In this game universe, which is an online platform, players can make friends and chat. They can set up teams and spend a lot of fun hours among them.

What is Roblox

What is Roblox

How to Sign Up for Roblox + Extension?

  • The first thing we need to do is enter
BTroblox or Better Roblox

BTroblox or Better Roblox

  • On the incoming page, we enter the necessary information and register.
Roblox is an Extension

Roblox is an Extension

  • Finally, we log in with the information we registered on the Roblox Login page.
Roblox Login

Roblox Login

Is BTRoblox a virus?

It is not a virus. It is a proprietary and open source plugin written for web browsers. Android, IOS, Safari, and iPhone do not support.

Is Roblox extension Safe?

BTroblox is completely safe as it is an open-source plugin. Thanks to this plugin, you can use more efficiently. It offers you the opportunity to design a special page. Safe and free for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users.

How do I get BTRoblox on my phone?

Since it is a web browser plug-in, you cannot use it on phones.

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  1. I like your internet site, and the theme you picked is super. BTRoblox Extension.

  2. i wish that i get 17mio rubox or just everything free on roblox! and i have everything on roblox that would be very nice! i hope things could happened! Thank you very much!

    From lyricslove19k

  3. i wish that i get 17mio rubox or just everything free on roblox!or have have everything on roblox that would be very nice! i hope things could happened! Thank you very much!

    From lyricslove19k

  4. Thanks you for sharing this article…

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