Best Adblock for Youtube (Ad Blocking) 2021

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Facebook, Youtube, Google Pop-Up Ad Blocking?

Best Adblock For Youtube (Ad Blocking). This article will talk about the Chrome extension that blocks the ads you encounter while watching Youtube videos. Most of the time nowadays, we spend time on Google Chrome, Facebook, or Youtube.

In this time, we encounter more than one ad or irrelevant advertisements, even if we do not want to. I have listed the most popular ad-blocking extensions for you below.

Best Ad Blockers for YouTube

YouTube is a Google-owned organization. The use of YouTube is increasing day by day. According to the experts’ statement, 1.8 billion people use it every month. People are looking for entertaining videos, educational videos, music, or review videos on this platform’s products.

You can find all the shows and movies you can think of. If you wish, you can create your own channel and shoot your own videos.

Most of the men make video game videos on YouTube. In what way you can see it in the picture below.

Male-Dominated YouTube Categories

Male-Dominated YouTube Categories

Female users spend most of their time on YouTube videos of health, beauty, food, and animals. You can see it in the picture below.

Female Dominated YouTube Categories

Female Dominated YouTube Categories

Ads are one of the most complained issues by YouTube users. In almost every video, advertisements are little displayed at the beginning, middle, or end of the video. YouTube offers us some ways to get rid of these ads.

One of these methods: to get a YouTube Plus membership.
Another method is to block ads with extensions that Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge offer us. With the extensions we provide below, you can block pop-up ads, website ads, banner ads for free.

Adblock for Youtube

Yes, the Chrome extension I will tell you now is great. It only works on YouTube. But it blocks all ads eases and fast. The extension is completely free and reliable.

How to Install Adblock for Youtube?
  • The first thing we need to do is to enter the Chrome Web Store store.
  • Then let’s search for Adblock for Youtube on the left.
  • Or you can reach the extension directly from the link we gave you. [Chrome For Extension]
How to Install Adblock for Youtube

How to Install Adblock for Youtube

  • Click on the place we marked in the picture above.
  • Finally, you have to activate the plugin. Click on the link on the side and activate the button like the picture below. [chrome://extensions/]
Active extension.

Active extension.


Adblock Add To Chrome

Ad-blockers Add To Chrome

AdBlock company is one step ahead of other companies with its browser extension. This web browser extension is fully well compatible with Chrome Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari. The biggest advantage is that it has a filter list determined by the company. In this way, it blocks all the ads I will encounter in advance.

It is appreciated that the extension is useful and filters out malicious ads. Another feature of the extension is that we can mark sites as reliable. Easily block all advertisements on Youtube and more.

You can access all of its extensions and applications from the link we have given you. It is available in Android and IOS applications. [] You can reach it from social media accounts.



Image Source: AdLock

AdLock, like other extensions, is made to block advertisements. The only difference from other extensions is that it blocks all ads. Ads on all devices and apps or games are blocked.
You can say goodbye to advertisements on all websites. Pop-ups close. Facebook ads close. Another feature that the extension offers us is that we can have a free trial for 14 days. []
AdLock For Windows
AdLock For Windows

Image Source: AdLock

🏆 Choose your AdLock type 🏆

AdLock One Month AdLock Product Year AdLock 27 MonthsAdLock 5 Years

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Best Ad Blockers for Facebook

Facebook is located in central California. It is the largest and most popular social media network in the world. Colleagues, people, families, friends, and strangers worldwide use this channel to communicate and connect.

Many people around the world have heard of Facebook’s social media. Almost everyone uses it. Currently, the number of active users has exceeded one billion. Everyone uses Facebook regularly.

Pew Research firm analyzed how many times people use Facebook per day;

Facebook Several Times

Facebook Several Times

With such an active user base, Facebook is an incredible ad-serving place. All businesses are in a race to advertise. This isn’t very pleasant for users. It is possible to block ads on Facebook. All you have to do is find the best adblocking plugin. We researched for you. We have shared the two best plugins below.


Ghostery Browser Extension

Browser Extension Ghostery

Ghostery, Inc. is headquartered in New York. It is a completely private company. A subsidiary of Cliqz GmbH to protect and educate or empower all users. [] [Block Ads]

The company has a plug-in that works in web browsers. It has a special application for mobile phones. You can find the monthly plan payments for Ghostery below.

Choose the Right Plan for You

Choose the Right Plan for You

You can find all modules of Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker under the link we share. For a reliable and fast browser, you should try it. []


Block All Ads StopAds

Block All Ads StopAds

StopAd protects all sites you can think of. It is seen as one of the best ad blocker programs for Facebook. This program we are talking about is not a web browser extension. It works in harmony with Linux, Windows, and all browsers. If you always want to block ads, this program is for you.

You will see that the program blocked auto-play ads when you installed it. Banners ads, pop-ups, youtube ads, video ads block all ads models you can think of. You can follow all the blocked ads on the program. Another nice aspect of StopAds is that they provide online safety for their kids. It can be used as a VPN.

You can access all information via the web address we share with you. Download: []

Best Ad Blockers for Google Ad Blocker

As the largest search engine globally, Google, few people do not know and are unaware. Because it is such a huge search engine, it leads many businesses. Google search engine is equipped with the latest technologies. Billions of searches are made per month.

We use it in every moment of our Google life. We use it to mail, to search for things, to navigate. Because it’s so popular, it’s the perfect place to advertise or post. Of course, it offers us some options to get rid of this ad. Blocking ads, we can.

I’ll talk about a few programs and add-ons for web browsers below. These blocks ads, and you can download them from their site.

Stands Fair AdBlocker

Ad Blocker Stans Fair Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker Stans Fair Ad Blocker

Chrome users can apply for Stands Fair AdBlocker. It is a fast and lightweight adblocking plugin. It was out into service by a company called Stands. The only disadvantage of the plugin is that it only supports Chrome.

There are millions of people using the Chrome browser around the world. This restriction is, in my opinion, absurd and unnecessary. You have a chance to use it in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Stand’s Fair AdBlocker blocks auto-play video ads, YouTube ads, expanding ads. It gives you control over the types of ads you can block by determining everything. It can even block Facebook ads if you want.

Fair AdBlocker is fast even when using a VPN. The plug-in’s official website:, and the Chrome web store plug-in address: Chrome For Extension.

Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher

Muncher is one of the best ad-blocking programs. It will make it enjoyable for those who use Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Opera. The program was released in 1999. You can easily download the program with one click. It successfully blocks pop-ups, banner ads, annoying ads in all web browsers.

Ad Muncher is not very successful at blocking ads on the YouTube platform. You may encounter ads. You can use it if you don’t spend much time on the YouTube platform. If you have technology and software knowledge, you can adjust the program according to YouTube.

The program has many features. There is an option to see ads; close them. It has many other features like locking adult content and so on. You will enjoy using the program. You can download the program from the official website we have given you. []

Ublock Origin

uBlock Origin

Ad Blocker uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a very fast, powerful, and simple ad blocker plugin. I’ve also used blockers such as Adguard, Adblock, and ADP, but one step ahead, in my opinion. It can be used in leading browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

uBlock Origin Features

The plugin is very efficient, even without any adjustments after installing it. It has two interfaces as normal use and experienced users. I like most after using the plugin because it detects ad blockers and bypasses site filters that do not allow access to the site.

With uBlock Origin, related sites can be viewed without any advertisements. All settings can be exported and restored from backup. Chrome for Extension

How do I block YouTube ads?

I will explain how to block advertisements on the Youtube channel step by step.

  • The first thing you need to do is enter your Adsense account.
  • Select the Allow and block ads tab on the left.
  • Enter the Menu tab at the top left.
  • Select the Blocking controls located there.
  • Let’s block Youtube-specific advertising URLs.
  • Copy the URLs in the upper area of ​​the page and paste them into the place where we see them.
  • All you have to do is select a block.

Is there an AdBlock for YouTube?

With Adblock Plus, you can get rid of all Youtube video ads. All you have to do is to enter Chrome and install the Adblock Plus extension from there. It will be enough to press the Add to Chrome button in the upper right corner of the page that comes up.

Is AdBlocker for YouTube safe?

AdBlocker is completely safe. During the installation, the permissions he requests from us are simple and secure. Removes video ads and text ads. Works with YouTube Music. [Chrome For Extension]

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