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What is YouTube?

YouTube Picture in  Picture. YouTube is the platform used for video uploading and watching videos. It is a video-oriented social network. You can watch videos uploaded on YouTube.

What is Youtube Picture in Picture (PiP)?

Picture in a Picture is a feature of the phone, television, computer, and iPad devices. With this feature, you will have extra windows. It offers the possibility to watch YouTube videos while doing a job on the computer. Usually, the sound comes from the main program.

It is available as an extension and add-on on computers. It is available as an application on Apple ios 14 and Android devices. Below, I will explain the extension of Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox web browsers, and the ios 14 apps.

How to use Picture in Picture iOS 14? Watch YouTube App?

Let’s take a look at a new feature Apple has brought to the iPhone in iOS 14. There was no video watching feature while doing any work on the phone.

With this new feature, you can watch videos while sending messages or dealing with other work—picture in Picture in shortcut.

This coming picture-in-picture mode doesn’t work exactly on YouTube. While YouTube was looking for a solution in itself, CodeEverywhere found a simple solution.

When YouTube finds a solution, it can definitely offer it to us at a premium. It offers free use of this job with a small JavaScript code below.

I have explained this solution to you step by step below—YouTube Picture in Picture.

  • ‌Enter the shortcuts menu from your iPhone phone. Let’s press the plus (+) part in the upper right corner.
iPhone IOS 14 Pip

iPhone IOS 14 Pip

  • Let’s press the “Add Action” button that we marked in the picture.
IOS 14 YouTube App

IOS 14 YouTube App

  • Select the “Web” part that we marked in the picture.
Pip Window

Pip Window

  • Under the Safari browser, let’s select “Run JavaScript on Web Page.” YouTube Picture in Picture.
YouTube Videos Pip

YouTube Videos Pip

  • Touch “Web Page” text next to the “Run JavaScript on” title. Select the “Shortcut Input” icon in the menu that comes up. YouTube Picture in Picture.
YouTube Video Pip

YouTube Video Pip

  • Remove the JavaScript codes in the window that comes up. And use the code we give you below.
Picture Mode

Picture Mode

v.addEventListener(‘webkitpresentationmodechanged’, (e)=>e.stopPropagation(), true);

setTimeout(()=>v.webkitSetPresentationMode(‘picture-in-picture’), 3000);


  • On the screen that appears, tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
YouTube Premium Video Pip

YouTube Premium Video Pip

  • Give this shortcut a personal name for yourself. I’ve given “YouTube Video Player.” Then activate the “Show in Share Sheet” button. YouTube Picture in Picture.
Youtube App Video Pip

Youtube App Video Pip

  • After activating the “Show in Share Sheet” button, immediately click the “Share Sheet Types” button. Follow the order we gave in the picture.
IOS Youtube Premium Picture Video Pip

IOS Youtube Premium Picture Video Pip

  • After doing these actions, go to the home screen saying finished.

How do you do picture in picture on YouTube?

Let’s enter the YouTube app from the phone or device. To use Picture in Picture, tap the Action icon and select the Safari browser on the resulting page. Premium does not need and is free.

What is YouTube Video Player?

The YouTube video player is simple to use and even download for free. You can start creating your own videos by searching for the theme you want. It contains everything you need—YouTube Picture in Picture.

To get started, you must first go to YouTube, find the relevant category. You have to choose a file type, choose to create, and finally upload your video.

You will immediately notice that the video you upload will appear in all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

How to Install Chrome YouTube Picture in Picture?

The first thing you need to do is open the browser that we will set up. You can reach the extension directly via the link we gave you. [YouTube Video Player]

  • Click the link to search.
  • Type “Youtube Video Player” in the search field in the left corner.
Youtube Picture Mode

Youtube Picture Mode

  • Select the extension you want and click the “Add to Chrome” button in the right corner. United Kingdom.

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Picture in Picture Mode PiP
YouTube Picture in Picture

YouTube Picture in  Picture. YouTube is the platform used for video uploading and watching videos.

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