Unblock Youku Chrome Extension? How do I unblock Youku on my iPhone? How do you get to Youku outside China? Youku videos outside China on my IPAD?

Unblock Youku Chrome Extension. The Unblock Youku feature is the process of unblocking Youku, one of the most popular video sites in China. Possible to watch Chinese movies and TV broadcasts on this platform. It is possible to watch all broadcasts completely free of charge on the Youku platform. For this, the Unblock Youku application is in need.

How to Install Unblock Youku? How can I watch Youku?

Unblock Youku is very simple to set up. To watch any broadcast, TV show, or movie on Youku, you must be within the borders of China. But, thanks to Unblock Youku, it is possible to use this application palmy when leaving China.
To unblock Unblock Youku, it is enough to use Google Chrome.

After opening the link, you need to click the button in the upper left corner and select the “+ free” sign. You can view the pop-up box of the tool you want to add for Unblock Youku installation via Chrome. After the installation is completed by confirming the process, Unblock Youku will be installed in the address bar on Chrome.

How to Use Unblock Youku? Why Youku is not working?

Unblock Youku is very simple to use. Once you have completed the installation and finished the Unblock Youku installation, you can see a red and blue circle in the address bar on the Chrome browser. This sign indicates that the Unblock Youku plugin is always ready for use. To remove the active block, it is sufficient to click this button and log into Youku’s official website.

How to Uninstall Unblock Youku?

Unblock Youku uninstallation is as simple as installing this plugin. You can remove the Unblock Youku application from your web browser in a very short time by clicking the “Uninstall the extension” button in the menu that opens after you right-click on the Unblock Youku extension signs on the address bar of your Google Chrome web browser. You can follow all the detailed information about Unblock Youku from the explanations on the official website of this application.

Unblock Youku Extension

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