The New Bing AI for Chrome & Copilot For Chrome

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Bing AI For Chrome or Copilot, once exclusive to Microsoft Edge, is now making waves in the Google Chrome browser, allowing users across Windows, MacOS, and Linux to experience its advanced capabilities 14. This new Bing AI, enhanced by the integration with ChatGPT, offers Chrome users interactive and personalized search results, elevating the standard browsing experience to new heights 2.

Extending its reach beyond Edge, the AI chat, known as Bing Chat, is now available on the world’s leading browser, Google Chrome, which commands a market share of 77.03% 5. With features such as AI-generated images, topic research, and poetry composition, Bing AI is transforming how users interact with the web, providing tools that cater to a wide array of online activities 3.

Copilot Bing Ai For Chrome
Copilot Bing Ai For Chrome

How to Access Bing AI in Chrome or Copilot

To access Bing AI in Chrome, users must first navigate to the Bing website using Google Chrome. Here’s a simplified guide to getting started:

  1. Ensure Google Chrome is Updated: Before accessing Bing AI, make sure your Google Chrome browser is up to date to avoid compatibility issues 8.
  2. Visit Bing: Go to in your Chrome browser. This step is crucial as Bing AI is integrated directly into the Bing search engine homepage 58910.
  3. Sign In: For a personalized experience, sign into your Microsoft account. This allows syncing of chat activity across different browsers, apps, and devices 3.
  4. Start Chatting:
    • Click the Bing Chat icon located to the right of the search bar or directly navigate to 3.
    • Input your query in the text field and press Enter, or use the microphone option for voice queries 3.
    • Note that in Chrome, the number of interactions is limited to five per conversation, and previous chat conversations will not be displayed on the left side of the screen 315.

Remember, Bing AI chat is accessible once users are off the waitlist, ensuring a smooth experience across any desktop browser, including macOS and Windows 7.

Key Features of Bing AI for Chrome Users

The new Bing AI for Chrome users comes packed with a suite of features designed to enhance the browsing experience through advanced technology and integration with OpenAI’s latest models. Here are some key features:

  • Next-Generation OpenAI Integration: Bing AI leverages a next-generation OpenAI large language model, offering more relevant, timely, and targeted search results with enhanced safety measures 17.
  • Unified Browsing Experience: It reimagines user interaction by integrating search, browser, and chat into a cohesive experience, making information retrieval seamless and intuitive 17.
  • AI-Powered Functionalities: Among its many capabilities, Bing AI allows users to:
    • Compose Text: Users can generate text in various formats like paragraphs, emails, and blog posts, with the ability to adjust content length 18.
    • Insight Tab: Provides insights related to the website currently open in the browser, offering a more enriched browsing experience 18.
    • AI-Generated Content: Features like Knowledge Cards 2.0 and Stories deliver AI-generated content in diverse formats, enhancing the depth and breadth of information available 19.

These features, among others, position Bing AI as a forward-thinking tool for Chrome users, aiming to redefine web interactions through the power of AI.

Comparing Bing AI in Chrome to Other AI Tools

When comparing Bing AI in Chrome to other AI tools, several distinctions emerge that highlight the unique capabilities and limitations of each platform.

  • Integration and Accessibility:
    • Bing AI is integrated with SwiftKey and Microsoft Edge, offering features like longer conversations and chat history in Edge, while these are limited in Chrome 345.
    • Google, with its AI chatbot Bard and a new generative search experience, provides a comprehensive AI tool within its dominant search engine 21.
  • User Experience and Limitations:
    • In Chrome, Bing AI users face a limitation of five messages per chat, a stark contrast to the 30 allowed in Edge 46.
    • Google leads in market share and the number of indexed pages, suggesting a broader and potentially more detailed search capability compared to Bing 21.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Market Reach:
    • SEO professionals are encouraged to use Bing AI as part of their digital strategy, recognizing its potential despite Bing’s smaller market share compared to Google 1321.
    • Bing has reached 100 million daily active users with its AI chatbot, indicating growing interest and engagement 21.

These comparisons underscore the evolving landscape of AI tools in web browsing, each with its strengths and areas for improvement. How to use it


How can I use Bing AI with Google Chrome?

Bing AI is accessible through Google Chrome by visiting Once there, simply enter a query in the text field and press Enter to interact with Bing AI. If your device is equipped with a microphone, you have the option to click on “Use microphone” and verbally pose a question or provide a prompt.

What does the new Bing AI feature include?

The new Bing AI feature has been enhanced for a better user experience and includes tools designed to foster creativity. The Bing Image Creator has been rebranded as Designer, allowing users to generate images using AI and their own descriptions. Additionally, Bing Chat has been renamed Copilot, serving as an AI-powered search assistant to help users navigate the web more effectively.

In what ways is Bing AI superior to ChatGPT?

Bing AI is powered by a more sophisticated model known as Prometheus, which surpasses the capabilities of ChatGPT. Unlike ChatGPT, Bing AI has the ability to perform internet searches. Specifically, Bing Chat is considered superior to the free version of ChatGPT because it utilizes the more advanced GPT-4 language model.

How do I operate the new Bing AI search feature?

To use the new Bing AI search feature, simply go to, where you can type in your search queries or speak them if your device supports voice input. The AI will then assist you with your search, providing information or creating content based on your request.


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