Best Hide My Ip VPN For Chrome Extension 2021

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Hide My Ip VPN For Chrome? How do I hide my IP address for free? How do I hide my IP address on Windows 10? Can you hide your IP address?

Hide My Ip VPN For Chrome. Hide My IP is an extension that allows you to change IP and hide IP over a location. With Hide My Ip, you can get IP or determine IP. Hide My IP, so, uses it to access addresses that cannot due to geographic differences.

How to Setup Best Hide My Ip VPN?

The steps to set up Hide My IP as follows:
  • Access to its address from the Internet.
  • The box titled “Add to Chrome” on the accessed page.
  • The “add extension” box from the new window.
  • The extension installation process begins. The “save” box is displayed on the screen after the installation.
  • With these steps, Hide My and made it ready for use. After the process, the symbol for the extension at the end of the Chrome URL address.
This extension symbol on Chrome. It becomes possible to log in to web addresses of different countries via IP exchange. Privacy with the IP address that changes each time web addresses. If preferred, contact networking means. It determines the IP address information on hiding My IP.

Free Hiding My IP – VPN and Streaming Services to Hide My IP Address

There are many reasons why people need to hide their IP addresses. For example, many people use the internet to shop online, and using an unknown or free website can pose serious security risks.

It is also illegal to share banking information, credit card numbers, social security numbers. In such a scenario, using a free proxy service is a common practice that almost everyone uses at least once in their life.

The idea behind free IP changing services is simple. All you have to do is enter some basic information about yourself on one of the various websites that offer anonymous web browsing.

Some sites will ask you for a free email account, and some will ask you for a free download. After installing the software on your system, you will register and provide your name and IP address.

You will then be able to browse and circumvent restrictions imposed on you by your ISP or Internet Service Provider. This functionality is sought after by many users who want to hide their IP addresses.

How to Use Hide My IP VPN?

The steps to use Hide My IP are as follows:
  • The “Chrome” browser icon on the computer desktop and the internet.
  • Click on the Hide My IP extension with the yellow and white “IP” letters displayed at the end of the URL address bar.
  • The “Hide your location” tab on the window displayed and the country locations associated with the web addresses from the displayed table with the operation.
  • The “extent subscription” box at the end of the table.
  • After this activation process, the preferred web addresses from the URL bar. Hidden IP, while there is no geographical access restriction.

How to Remove Hide My IP VPN?

The steps followed to remove Hide My IP are as follows:
  • By clicking the “Chrome” icon on the computer desktop, the browser page.
  • The three-dot icon at the end of the URL address bar.
  • The “Other tools” tab on the list is displayed after the click.
  • “Extensions” title from the new window.
  • On the automatic drop-down list, find the “Hide My Ip” extension title and click on the “remove” command box located opposite it.
Hide My Ip is completely removed with these steps.

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