Transferring Your Files Between Devices. How to transfer files across devices between Android, iPhone, iPad, or PC.

Transferring Your Files Between Devices“. Now working in this era Documents would be very few people to sit and write, most of them use all the equipment to help each other, whether Computer Phones, smartphones, tablets and more, because working on these tools is much more convenient. But the problem is that when the work We will send the work files to other people if it is a machine with the same operating system, it will be fine. But if it’s a different operating system such as android and ios, what to do? We have some advice to help each other.
Use intermediate applications
Data file transmission if the source has different operating systems. It helps to look for a program or application as an intermediary to send files over the air instead of on a cable system. These intermediate applications will make file transmission better even if they are different operating systems. Not only that, its features may make sharing files faster as well.

Share it

The first application is likely to be familiar to anyone doing IT or other coordinated work. Share work files all the time to do beauty together. The first advantage of this application is the transfer of files between them, even if the tools used have different operating systems, the Android or iOS will not be able to finish it all. With this application, we can also send files at once to up to 5 devices at the same time. Should make sharing our work much faster
This application has the same function as a data saver. Before forwarding the data from our machine to another machine within the specified radius By sending and receiving data through the Wireless network, making work easier than ever. Connect and as we want. This one is also suitable for working together with many people.

BitTorrent Sync

The name of BitTorrent should be familiar to us during the golden age of torrenting. Now, the bit-loading technology has to enable the transmission of data between the mobile device and the computer. We will be able to transfer data from one device to another via Wi-Fi internet. It’s not enough, we can send and receive data even if it’s not on the same network. Anyone who has used BitTorrent before should like this one too.
Sending files between each other Not mean Documents such as word, excel, PowerPoint only, images, audio files, video files are also important. we will have to share pictures with a group of friends. Groups that you can work with But to send to each other is very difficult. Instashare application a good medium if we want to send and receive image files. The app uses a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to send the images. Anyone who likes to send pictures, videos, songs, introduce this answer.

Wireless Transfer app

This program may look nothing. But a lot of good things as well The application comes with the ability to transfer files on demand between devices. Even if it is a different operating system Its distinctive point is its beautiful interface, easy to use, and easy to understand. Although not in Thai As for the connection, using a wireless system instead of connecting to each other, is quick But the file delivery may be slow and not very instant.
The applications of these essential tools for workers in this era may need to. Send work files to each other to continue working together. Who does not have these applications, please try to download them. But if you want to poke one for a good one, let’s choose the Shareit application, the most interesting option from the list above.
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