Bandicam Screen Recorder (Bandicam Screen Recorder program to record the screen While playing games).

Bandicam Screen Recorder Download“. Popular Bandicam Screen Recorder. (Bandicam Screen Recorder program to record the screen While playing games). This program Bandicam Screen Recorder. It is a program developed by a developer team from South Korea (South Korea). It can record videos while playing games or screen recording programs. That takes place on the screen. The movement of the mouse can be simple (but beforehand the mouse cursor can also. If not needed), it can also a hotkey (Hotkey) for easier access to recording functions. For example, if you press the “F12” button, it will start recording (Start Record). It stops recording (Stop Record).

But in case if you want to pause the recording You can press the F8 (Pause Record) button as well, which these buttons can later. There is also a system that helps in setting up. Of automatic video recording, for example, setting the greatest file size (Recording File Sizes). If the file size exceeds the specified number (in MB.), It will stop recording immediately. The same is true for the duration (Recording Time). If the number of minutes, seconds, the recording will stop.
Too, with the ability of Bandicam Screen Recorder, you can also adjust video quality. (Video Quality) and Sound Quality (Audio Quality) as you like. Adjust the frame rate (Frame Rate) in the unit of FPS (Frame Per Second) Bitrate (Bitrate) of various quality. The sound quality can determine the channel to emit the sound signal. Whether it is a mono (Mono) or stereo (Stereo) signal frequency (Frequency – Hz) format of the Codec and much more.
Note: For Bandicam Screen Recorder, this feature is shareware, which you have used before by Program Developer. By recording a video for 10 minutes and a watermark (Watermark) appears in the work.

Bandicam Screen Recorder Download?

If you want to continue to use in the full You can purchase the Bandicam Screen Recorder program through Thaiware Shop.
This program “Bandicam Screen Recorder“. It is the best Game, Video, and Desktop Screen recording software. It is high quality and the recorded file size is much smaller than other software (1/20). Furthermore, Bandicam minimizes CPU usage.
Bandicam supports AVI 2.0 OpenDML extensions with the greatest clip. Size as long as the local Hard Disk has free space available (Over 24 hours recording).

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