YouTube Looper Chrome Extension?

YouTube Looper Chrome Extension“. The YouTube Looper plug-in replays a video you watch on the Youtube social media and video sharing site. Or when you want to play it is a software that does the job instead of you clicking. It has features such as one-click video replay, automatic repeat. The YouTube Looper extension can be integrated with the Google Chrome web browser. Besides, adjustable features such as repeat time and repeat intervals are also available on the YouTube Looper plugin.
How to Install YouTube Looper?
YouTube Looper setup is pretty straightforward. This useful program allows you to have a more enjoyable experience on the Youtube video sharing site. It restarts the videos you want to repeat for you. This way, you can do your own thing instead of clicking the video again each time. You may not have to be in front of the computer. YouTube Looper plugin is very useful software. Although it has for Google Chrome, it can with other web browsers.
  • To install YouTube Looper, it is enough to type “Download YouTube Looper plug-in” to the Google search engine.
  • After doing this search, you need to log in to the YouTube Looper official site from the results on the screen and click the “Download extension” button.
  • After this process, the integration according to the Chrome version and the automatic download process.
  • After the YouTube Looper plug-in, automatic installation. This application will to the add-ons menu of the Chrome web browser.

How to Use YouTube Looper?

Using YouTube Looper is very helpful. To watch a song or video clip you like on the Youtube platform, you do not need to stand on your computer and click the restart button. You can make your life easier by using YouTube Looper. To do this, click on the YouTube Looper icon in the add-ons menu on the end of the Chrome address bar and run the program, and when you log in to the Youtube page Click the “Loop” button below the video. Yet, it is possible to choose the number of repetitions of the Youtube videos you choose, how long you want them to repeat and many more variables through this menu.
How to Uninstall YouTube Looper?
It is also very practical to uninstall the YouTube Looper plugin. Whether you’re using the Chrome web browser or alternative browsers like Firefox. You can uninstall the YouTube Looper plugin from your browser. To do this, right-click on the YouTube Looper icon in the add-ons section of your web browser. Then, you can remove the YouTube Looper plug-in from your computer within seconds by clicking the “Remove Add-On” button from the menu that opens.
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