Norton AntiVirus: Norton AntiVirus is a feature-rich and professional security solution program that provides advanced protection against spyware, in short, programs and files that could harm your computer. If you want to fully protect your computer and keep malicious software that is at risk of security out of your system, you can do so with Norton AntiVirus, which provides real-time protection.

The program that keeps track of all the activity on your computer without disturbing you on the backplays warns you when you are at risk of exchanging any data. Norton AntiVirus can also control email and instant messaging (IM) programs, protecting you from viruses that may come from others, and isolating files containing malicious software such as viruses, spyware, and adware from normal ones.

It creates the backbone of your computer’s security system and provides real-time protection against all kinds of virus-like malware. The security updates made without the user feeling the backplane do not force the system. It is easy and fast to use thanks to Norton’s renovated interface, which is assertive to protect effectively without slowing you down. Effective protection against viruses and spyware with Real-Time Protection. Scan technology scans e-mail and web sites for malware. Digital Identity Protection protects your personal information on the Internet. Security On Screening and protection recommendation. Easy-to-reach desktop tool. Norton protects your computer against online threats with its new and improved features; It will work properly on your system.