Hello friends positioning purpose is simple everybody has a different internet use some are playing online games some are online, there are different kinds of viruses in the end, in this section, instead of helping to open the most famous all the most useful antivirus programs, You can find out which is more useful to you and download it from your own sites on the legal sheet from the links I give below … Friends We have a lot of effort in this area. If you are aware of this, please feel free to contact me if you have any problems.

Antivirus Program is an Enhanced Protection Against Viruses as Understand. The antivirus defense of viruses varies according to the structure. If the virus infects a file (* .exe, * .com, * .doc, * .xls, * .bat extension) then it will not be able to use it by breaking the file’s code. The Antivirus tries to repair the corrupted code by repairing it. If it fails, take it to the Quarantine in order to prevent it from spreading. Now And Popular Viruses That Are Transmitted Through Mail Ise Mailin is not only in the Attachment section but in the mail itself. In this case, do not repair the antivirus virus maili repair, but take the direct quarantine.