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In today’s internet world, every website advertises their site to meet its expenses. Internet advertising has different ad models. Banner ads are the most common ones. There’s a way to get rid of these annoying ads …

Almost everybody knows Banner ads. At the corner of the site, in the center, head, under, etc. It can be placed in any kind of territory. Advertising content can sometimes be really annoying. There is a plugin that supports many browsers for such situations. Adblock has been downloaded more than 10 million as a Chrome extension. There are also add-ons for Firefox. With this program you can make all the ad content invisible. Banner detects and removes 95% of ads. You can manually remove the parts that it can not detect, and Adblock remembers it. You do not need to do the same again later.

Removing ads is important to have a comfortable internet experience, but I also need to think about the site where the ad is located. For example, we have a website we love and you are blocking ads. Over time the income of that site will fall and it will have to close now. So I do not recommend using it. I removed from Chrome the first time I tested how difficult it was to earn money, especially from ads. I even specifically click on the ads of the sites I like. That’s the way the world of the Internet revolves. If you are going to get free information, you should be willing to advertise. Even if you do not accept it, even if you do not make a donation in Wikipedia, somebody will do it, and you will always get free wisdom …



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